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About Us

The Robinsons

That's right! It's an awesome pic, I know. This is the 5 Stack family aka The Robinsons. We have had a blast developing and playing 5 Stack over the past year. Jackson, the dashingly handsome gentlemen in the back is the creator of 5 Stack. Jackson is a professional illustrator and playing card designer and owner of Kings Wild Project. 5 Stack is our first board game and we are excited to share it with you and friends and family. Becca works as a full-time mom and homeschooler to our wonderful two girls.

The Altmans

And who is this guy? Well, 5 Stack was simply too much fun to stay contained to just one family, so the Robinsons graciously invited the Altman crew to join them in their pursuit of expanding and promoting the awesomeness of 5 Stack. We've had quite the journey learning, playing, and collaborating on this new family game, and we are thrilled to watch it "stack up" to the games you've already come to know and love. When he's not collaborating and creating tabletop games, Matt makes his daytime living as a school administrator at a nearby high school. His wife, Traci, works full-time as a mom to their two (and soon to be three this summer) beautiful children, who clearly get their good looks from their dad. Stack on!